Folsom Mercantile

The Doherty Mercantile, shown at right, closed in the late fifties.  The last store to serve the citizens was the Folsom Supply which closed in the eighties.

You can still buy a coke, a candy bar, and some purty stuff at the Folsom Museum which now occupies the Mercantile building.

       ~ The spirit of the old merchants lives on here! ~

Take some time and browse our online store - we promise the clerk won't follow you around with a suspicious eye.

If you find something you like, we take checks and them new-fangled credit and debit cards.  If you don't find anything you like, we do accept donations!  It's all for a good cause - each item sold benefits the museum, a local crafts person, or both.

Doherty Mercantile
photographer unknown

~ Folsom 1888-1988 Then and Now ~

This is one awesome coffee table book!  It's chock full of history, pictures, and stories about the Folsom area.

Order this book, learn all about Folsom, then come visit and you won't seem like such a greenhorn.

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all proceeds benefit the Folsom Museum

~ Donations ~

Donations are very important to our little museum.  If you would like to help us preserve our little piece of history, please consider donating to the cause.  Every little bit helps!

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all proceeds benefit the Folsom Museum

Is This the Much Sought After "House of Brown"?
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~ Historical & Informational Books ~

The Folsom Museum is proud to offer a variety of historical and informational books.  Most of these are pertinent to the area and cover such topics as Folsom Man, George McJunkin, Black Jack Ketchum, arrowheads and spear points, and New Mexico history.

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all proceeds benefit the Folsom Museum

~ Coffee ~

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