Area Attractions

Folsom is located near many wonderful attractions.  There are numerous day trips which offer a variety of scenic beauty and adventures:

Top Three Images by Tim Keller Photography © 2010
bottom image courtesy of Mike Schoonover

Capulin Volcano

Drive to the top of this nearly perfect cinder cone and then hike the rim or down into the center.  The 360 degree view of the wondrous landscape affords the eye with delights not found anywhere else.

This National Park also features picnic tables and various trails around the base.

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image courtesy of Mike Schoonover

Johnson Mesa

This is the scenic route to Raton!  Take highway 72 out of Folsom and meander up the winding road to the top of the mesa.  This table top was once home to over 200 people - ranchers and farmers alike.  The extreme winter weather eventually drove them all to find gentler quarters down below.

A few people still call the mesa home in the summer and hunters are always in abundance.  Visitors to the little rock church can imagine a distant time when life was filled with hardships and the rewards which only come from living on the land.

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Distance by Tim Keller Photography © 2010

Dry Cimarron River Valley

The Dry Cimarron River Valley stretches 50 miles from Folsom to Kenton, Oklahoma.  The layers of time are visible in the canyon walls; if they could speak they would tell tales of Native Americans, mountain men, sheep herders, farmers and ranchers.

One can also turn north and traverse Toll Gate Canyon, watching the plains explode into view as the tiny Colorado village of Branson slips into sight beyond one last curve of the road.

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Dry Cimarron by Tim Keller Photography © 2010


The Folsom area is teeming with deer, elk, antelope, turkey, bear and more.

There are many guide services available, here are just a few:

>>Kennedy Hunting Services

>>Folsom Outfitters

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This way station of the Santa Fe trail has a quaint down town, museum, and a wonderfully restored theater (see below).  Raton is the gate way between Folsom and Trinidad, the NRA Whittington Shooting Center, Cimarron, Eagle Nest, Angel Fire, and Taos.

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Raton by Tim Keller Photography © 2010

Shuler Theater

This beautifully restored, turn of the century theater is host to some amazing acts throughout the year -- Japanese drummers, Chinese acrobats, and Irish stomp music -- there's just no telling what might be on tap!  Unless of course you click the link below to find out for yourself...

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Shuler Theater by Tim Keller Photography © 2010

Sugarite State Park & Lake Maloya

This wonderful park is nestled at the top of a valley less than an hour from Folsom.  Fish, hike, and explore the ruins of an old coal mining town - this park is a favorite of all vacationers.

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image courtesy of Mike Schoonover

NRA Whittington Center

The Whittington Center is a huge outdoor shooting range one hour from Folsom.  Shotgun, pistol, high power - there's a range for every weapon.  (Okay, not exactly every weapon - leave your bazooka at home!)

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So you want history?  Trinidad, Colorado is nestled on the north side of the Raton Pass -- a welcome resting spot for the weary travelers of the Santa Fe trail before they made the grueling trek across the mountains.

Trinidad is a town built by coal.  It is filled with beautiful stone buildings erected by Italians whose names still resonate in the town today.  This quiet little burg was once the playground of the Mafia, with hidden tunnels and secrets never to be told.

Walk and shop the turn of the century downtown, trek down the river walk, enjoy the lake, visit the Mitchell gallery, experience the restored Baca House Museum, or ride the free trolley car.  A day passes quickly on this side of the pass!

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photo from 1870~1875   photographer unknown


This gateway to the Cimarron Canyon has had its wild and wooly days!  Check out the bullet holes in the ceiling of the bar at the haunted St. James hotel, if you have any doubts.

Dive into the history with a tour by lantern light -- if you're not afraid of a friendly spirit or two!

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Legends by Lantern Light

Cimarron Canyon - the Road to NM Skiing

This canyon is the pass connecting the flatlands lying to the east of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the high towns of Angel Fire, Taos, and Eagle Nest.  The canyon is home to deer, elk, antelope, turkey, bear and much, much more -- including the colorful wild donkeys shown at the right.  (Yes, we said colorful.  And donkeys.  In the same sentence!)

The pass starts at the historic town of Cimarron which lies about two hours from Folsom.  A favorite stopping point is the towering wall of the Palisades -- a "must see"!

Angel Fire and Taos are well known and loved ski towns.  In the summer, the ski lifts are open for breathtaking rides.  Take your mountain bike up the lift and rocket down the trails - if you dare!

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Clayton Lake and the Dinosaur Tracks

This tranquil little lake and State Park is about 50 minutes from Folsom and is home to an incredible set of preserved dinosaur tracks.  The tracks were uncovered when the earth was being cleared for the dam.  Visitors will be awed by the imprints from several different species of ancient animals which once ruled the area.

Be sure to stop in the historic cow town of Clayton and grab a bite to eat!

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image courtesy of Mike Schoonover